Подобно хирургу, который добирается до внутреннего органа и меняет условия его работы, опытный гипнотизер-терапевт может проникнуть в нашу психику и помочь нам изменить самый важный «орган» – наше подсознание.
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Отчуждение психическое (син.: абалиенация — лат. ab — от, alienus — чужой) — расстройство самосознания с отчуждением психических функций (некоторых или всех) и утратой единства Я


Петр Живный и Игорь Разыграев - диалог о гипнозе и психотерапии

В разделе Видеосюжеты опубликована запись беседы двух выдающихся гипнологов, учеников профессора В.Л.Райкова, Петра Живного и Игоря Разыграева. Смотрите видеосюжет

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«Гипноз. Связь времен»

Обзор статьи Д.Виноградова «Гипноз-дело тонкое» из Медицинской газеты, выпуск №84, 1993 год.

В 1993 году в Москве во Всероссийском Центре профилактической медицины прошел Первый Международный конгресс по лечебному и творческому гипнозу и вызвал повышенное внимание как российских, так и зарубежных гипнологов, психиатров, психологов. Этот конгресс был посвящен памяти знаменитого итальянского ученого Марко Маркезана, создавшего в Милане Университет новой медицины.

Эксклюзивно о профессоре Райкове В.Л.

«Сначала я «видела» музыку в форме тонкой струны, жгута, несколько изогнутого. Этот жгут вворачивался в меня, я сама как бы оборачивалась вокруг него... я ощущала его». Нет, это не впечатления от действия ЛСД – так после сеанса творческого гипноза в 1996 году описывала свои переживания от прослушивания классической музыки одна из испытуемых Владимира Леонидовича Райкова, российского психотерапевта, ставшего, пожалуй, главным исследователем в области творческого гипноза.




Vladimir L. Raikov

Moscow,1998, 650p.,Graal Pbl


       The book touches upon the problem of surviving of humankind during the 3rd millennium. Modern psychological and sociological approaches to understanding life are considered. The modern conception of life is different from the conceptions of last century, the first half of this century, and even ten years ago. Enormous technological progress is the mai feature of the modern time, and its another feature is that a man cannot master the progress. 

     Concerning Psychology a man has not been changed during last 50.000 years, might be 200.000 years. He has still the same reactions, the same orientation of his existence, the same targets, the same intuitive and instinctive aspirations. The worst is that a man inherited from animals his aspiration to aggression, expansion, criminal behavior, as well as negative emotions of spite, hatred, etc. While all these things helped animals to survive, and thereby they were necessary for them, a man of the 3rd millennium should be changed.  

     During previous centuries conflicts were solved by spades or revolvers. In the 21st century the conflicts will be solved by nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical weapon. Earlier or later people will use the weapon. It can happen because of either an accidental mistake, or strong spite, or madness. Yet, now we should be afraid of 'inadequate' business, because weapons of mass annihilation can be offered for sale to not civilized communities, wild tribes, absolutely crazy societies, who see no difference between a nuclear bomb and a bow with arrows. Now probably the most important task of the humankind is to try either to minimize an opportunity of manifestation of the negative emotions of spite, aggression, expansion, or to transform them into active creativity. A reasonable man should evolve into a creative man, because a normal man cannot have negative creativity oriented to murder, aggression, and spite. If a man creates in order to make evil, and sadistically enjoys destruction of another man, he is either psychologically inadequate, or criminal, or crazy. 

     In different countries of our planet there are certain groups of people who use all the scientific investigations only to kill and to destroy their neighbors. These people justify it as it were done in the name of a noble goal of state self-defence. In essence they destroy not another country but themselves. Here is the most important feature of modern time comparably to previous human history is concerned Now the humankind Las reached a possibility to destroy itself many times Unfortunately it has not reached understanding of the fact that it should not destroy itself. The primary task of the 21st century is that people should understand it. If it has not happened, the destruction of humankind is inevitable  

     Is there an opportunity for people to understand it, and to accept it as their internal attitude, as their mental and spiritual principle? It could be done by mass media, as special TV clips From one side, it would explain the attitude, from another side, it could give invisible suggestion Appropriate methods are developed and described in details in the book. That is the most essential part of its content, because the main truth of modern reality is the danger of total ruin of humankind  

     The book shows that the process of overall development takes place strictly under fundamental laws. Causality does not exist in the Nature It exists only in human consciousness, and only the wrong choice of some actions is an accident, an error, inadequacy Thus, a man who is not only intelligent, but also creative is a man of the Future, and we have to creat the man. The book describes how to do it by hypnosis, which is one of the most important components of biological evolution that provides defensive orientation in existence of live beings. Probably its formation began on the level of amphibians Hypnosis was born from the shock reaction of animals which got into the paws of beast. That's why the process of hypnosis deals with high and strong psycho-physiological mobilization of the whole organis in order to correspond to desires of a beast, and either to get a chance no to be eaten due to adequate behavior, or to reach spontaneous amnesia and t relief final experience, if the beast decides to eat the caught animal The animal can also pretend to be unmovable like in case of catalepsy. 

     Human hypnosis is by all means different, because verbal consciousness takes place here The verbal consciousness is the main component of the difference between a man and an animal. It is very important to understand that psycho-physiological features of human hypnosis are connected to biological evolution functions inherited from animals. In fact the animatic of functions of ancient brain takes place under hypnosis. The brain deals with mobilizing control of the whole human organism. Another evidence of it is connected to the fact that under hypnosis a man either hardly speak, or his speech slows down. It is confirming to the laws because during the period of formation of shock reactions (analogy to human hypnosis) animals had no speech center, and could not have it. The process of functioning of human brain is connected to a better opportunity for the control of organis functions. It takes place in case of animals because animal brain was under much longer process of formation rather than human brain, while a man has not longer than 150 000 years formation especially if verbal consciousness is concerned. That's why it is necessary to take care of appearance of so called 'rapport' (a special verbal connection between a hypnologist and a subject) in order to realize normal functioning under hypnosis. After that verbal consciousness gets a direct connection to the ancient brain, and a fantastic state of control of the ancient brain by words is achieved.  

     One of important variants of modern balance of a man in society is the balance between the state of creative scientific and technological mode of thought, and the realization of aesthetic development. The book demonstrate that a passion for only one of these two things can lead to the destruction of society. Fashist Germany and ex-USSR are well known examples of undoubte final results of destruction of these countries. The book also performs examples of highly aesthetic civilizations in ancient Greece and Egypt, which were destroyed after being on the highest level of spiritual and artistic development, since they underestimated the technical development that could provide protection from the Barbarians. 

     The book also describes amazing opportunities of hypnosis concerning the development of human creative skills, that highly activate emotional tense of creative process, and reveal an unprecedented method for creative improvement. The truth of hypnotic performance, psychological and physiological state is conditioned by clear evidence of effects of hypnotic age regression to the infant or neonatal period of human life, and by the observation of appearance of not controlled neonatal reflexes. 

     An opportunity to control the state of dreaming during natural sleep realized as a result of special hypnotic suggestion is also examined in the book. An interesting approach is connected to the notion of 'non-verbal consciousness' offered by the author of the book. The consciousness is considered as an inherited from animals model of perception of external reality. However there is an opportunity to transform this reality to a language, to verbal-symbolic thinking. A special form of this thinking is < human consciousness, which animals do not have. Nevertheless it would be a mistake to suppose that a man has this verbal consciousness from his birth. The man has just a potential ability to reach it because he has to spend 15 - 20 years to learn it.

Only after finishing the course of learning of his native language, the man has really formed his consciousness, his verbal model of reality, which is generally accepted and which is named consciousness. Although the author considered the definition of consciousness which is wider than the generally accepted one. He supposes that the process of realization of some psychic forms can take place (under certain motivation) in a form of behavior (Behaviorism), pleasant emotional feelings (F. e. the degree of deep 'being in love' state cannot appear on a verbal level but it value fills a human being so much deeper than banal phrases of a verbal expression could do. Here, no doubt it is possible to assert that the feeling of this 'in love state' is genuine, and that there can be genuine consciousness different from verbal expression.) 

     That is why we can speak of non-verbal special emotional consciousness, musica consciousness, painting-graphic consciousness, etc. Dr. Raikov believes tha in the Nature (in the Universe) everything that happens and has ever happened takes place in accordance to fundamental laws of existence. Something considered to be the category of causality cannot be connected to the not animated Nature. No Phenomenon, no object can exists out of the law of its appearance, development, and existence. The notion of causality can take place only in an activity of a man, who has huge opportunity of choice in his activity, and some of these variants of choice can be erroneous (causal).

      Also the notion of causality could not exist in the Nature, since how could it be named before the appearance of human beings and consciousness? For if we accept this point of view, then the process of opportunity of appearance of a man, his existence and his consciousness is considered to t one of the most important fundamental laws of Nature.

      Extremely interesting and important conclusion of it is that, if because of human egoism, expansionism, aggression, criminal and murder tendencies inherited from animals a man suddenly would like to destroy the world, he will destroy it. And it will be the crime not only against humankind but against the Universe which originated the humankind. That's why a reasonable man should follow the laws of evolution, should develop conditions of human existence in order to improve human consciousness, because it was the law of the Universe, and the expediency of it is evident. For the sooner people will understand it, the better it will be for all of us, for life, for humankind, for Cosmos. It is necessary to remember so called Kant's categorical imperative regarding that we should act in a way not contradictory to the laws of Nature, that the final goal of actions is always a man, and that the actions join the kingdom of goals of mankind This is the one and necessary condition of surviving of humankind.

      In this direction we should use all the available opportunities including mass media (TV, press, radio), explanatory talks, researches, and might be special tools of suggestion as well.Experimental results got in the laboratory of DR. Raikov confirm this opportunity. Under hypnotic suggestion we can reach an amazing mobilization of creative opportunities, an incredible transformation and mobilization of morality and psychic development in the direction of good and humanism. 

     An essential part of the book is devoted to Art, since the author believes that artistic development should determine the stage of civilization of society as well as technological progress. The author offer the view of the best historical and artistic achievements, which are object of legitimate pride of modern Mankind. He touches upon some of the greatest representatives of Art, - Rafael, Rachmaninov, Kraisler.

      The author insists on the necessity of genuine and perfect perception of Art for a man, that is necessary for his complete valuable development and improvement as well as for his existence. It as also a variant of natural intellectual evolution of man. The author offers an interesting method of so called 'tactile hypnosis' as a medicinal use of a result of life evolution, and based on an opportunity to treat people by human touch. Dr. Raikov explains positive effect of the method as a combination of psychological and physiological factors, that was formed in the process of evolution as a help of one alive being to another one.

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