Аббат Фариа

Аббат Фариа

«Взгляд и слово – есть наше оружие, Богом данное человеку оружие, исцеляющее и защищающее.»


Посттравматическое стрессовое расстройство - отставленная и/или затяжная патологическая реакция на исключительное по силе психического воздействия, степени угрозы для жизни (природная или техногенная катастрофа, боевые действия, преступное посягательство и пр.) или значимости утраты (смерть близких, разорение и пр.)


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Базовый курс PSY-S

В конце февраля будем проводить первый базовый курс школы PSY-S. Базовый курс PSY-S - это обучение классическим и современным техникам гипноза и внушения. Ведущие курса - И.И. Разыграев и Н.Т. Рахимов.

Тренинг по ЗАВИСИМОСТЯМ 15--16--17 февраля.

АЛКОГОЛЬНАЯ, пищевая, наркотическая, компьютеная, игровая, межличностная зависимость. Кодирование в гипнозе.

Приглашаю врачей, психологов, гипнологов. Группа не более 10 человек. 3 дня по 7 часов. Оплата: аванс 5т.р.до 5 февраля , полная оплата до 15 февраля+ 20 т.р.

О гипнозе

Сознание и его границы

Куликов Л.В. Психология сознания

«Гипноз. Связь времен»

Обзор статьи Д.Виноградова «Гипноз-дело тонкое» из Медицинской газеты, выпуск №84, 1993 год.

В 1993 году в Москве во Всероссийском Центре профилактической медицины прошел Первый Международный конгресс по лечебному и творческому гипнозу и вызвал повышенное внимание как российских, так и зарубежных гипнологов, психиатров, психологов. Этот конгресс был посвящен памяти знаменитого итальянского ученого Марко Маркезана, создавшего в Милане Университет новой медицины.

Эксклюзивно о профессоре Райкове В.Л.

«Сначала я «видела» музыку в форме тонкой струны, жгута, несколько изогнутого. Этот жгут вворачивался в меня, я сама как бы оборачивалась вокруг него... я ощущала его». Нет, это не впечатления от действия ЛСД – так после сеанса творческого гипноза в 1996 году описывала свои переживания от прослушивания классической музыки одна из испытуемых Владимира Леонидовича Райкова, российского психотерапевта, ставшего, пожалуй, главным исследователем в области творческого гипноза.



 Igor I. Razygraev. Doctor of Philosophy, psychotherapist, hypnologist, narcologist, vice-president of Creative and Medicinal Hypnosis Association, research officer of Brain Research Institute attached to Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Site guide
Igor Razygraev  - Doctor of Philosophy, psychotherapist, hypnologist, narcologist, vice-president of Creative and Medicinal Hypnosis Association, research officer of Brain Research Institute attached to Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Biography and scientific achievements
Techniques used by hypnotherapeutist Razygraev for medical treatment
Hypnosis treatment of diseases and serious cases
Training in hypnosis techniques of Dr. Razygraev  (hypnosis training courses for professionals and all comers)
During the last 20 years Dr. Razygraev has been dealing exceptionally with treatment by hypnosis.
Since 2003 – the Chairman of Expert Commission attached to Moscow Government on folk practitioners operation control.
Hypnosis is a natural mechanism imbedded by evolution in our right hemisphere, which will make us healthy and creative in XXI century

Biography and scientific achievements

 Igor I. Razygraev was born on 24th of January 1962.

  • 1985 – graduated from the 3-rd Moscow Medical Institute.
  • 1991 – passed training for being specialized in acupuncture, manual therapy and iridodiganostics.
  • Since 1992 – the research officer, Laboratory of Hypnology and Psychoprophylaxis of the All-Russian Research Center of Preventive Medicine attached to the Ministry of Health of Russia (Laboratory head – professor Raikov V.L.).
  • 1992 - 1993 – participated in Congresses on hypnology and psychotherapy in Italy, Austria; worked on probation in University of Hypnosis in Florida (USA).
  • Since 1993 – Vice-president of Creative and Medicinal Hypnosis Association.
  • 1995 - 1996 – participated in Conferences of Disaster Medicine Center of Ministry of Emergencies.
  • 1997 –  License of Russia for “method of hypnosis depth identification”.
  • Since 1998 – the research officer, Laboratory of development physiology of Brain Research Institute attached to Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • 1999 - 2000 – the author of several scientific publications on hypnotherapy and hypnosis investigation.
  • Since 2000 – assistant of Chair of General Psychology, Faculty of Medical Psychology of Moscow Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitology.
  • 2005 - Doctor of Philosophy

License series № 77-01-001231


Contact hypnologist Razygraev:

Phone : +7 (495)792-66-19, +7 (499)317-23-63
+7 (903)505-43-76
daily 10.00 - 21.00

e-mail: gipnos@gipnos.ru


Methods of hypnologist Razygraev I.I.used in patient treatment

Hypnosis was known as far back as in Ancient Summer. In Ancient Egypt it was applied as a kind of magic effect for developing the ability for telepathy and clairvoyance.

As is well known, suggestions with their sense expressed through verbal formulas are made during the hypnotic session. In the view of psychological pattern, there is a number of specific methods here.

Kinds of hypnosis:

  • regressive hypnosis

It’s hypnotically suggested that a patient is of an earlier age. Let’s assume that a person of twenty-five is suggested to be of fifteen or five. Its done in order to let people feel again as though in childhood, feel joy in beyong years, energy of soul and mind, poignancy and freshness of impressions. The human spirit is capable of transforming the person as a whole, and this peculiarity is used in regressive hypnosis.

  • Age progression

Another method I use is the method of age-dependent progression, i.e. suggestion of an older age. Let ’ s take for instance such a case . One day a woman student of music conservatory has come to me complaining about her feeling shaky in any situation, that’s why it’s hard for her to play the piano. And I suggested that she was not twenty-two, but thirty-three and had already played the piano for ten years. And you know, the older the person, the more self-confident he is. Then she started playing and did it absolutely masterfully and securely. She let herself go . After this I make her back to her actual age, but this confidence remains.

  • Age synthesis

I also suggested the method that may be called the method of age synthesis: it contains the best from young and old age. By this reason a person becomes cheery and joyous that is typical for young people, and at the same time self-confident that is typical for older ones.

  • manual hypnosis

Medicinal hypnosis, which is made by touching the painful points on a body (author of method is Raikov V.L.).

  • Verbal hypnosis

Hypnosis with verbal suggestions

  • Computer hypnosis
  • Other techniques

Treatment technique

It depends upon a kind of disease and its acuteness.

Age limits in treatment by hypnosis

There are no age limits for treatment of most diseases.

Hypnosis exerts a wholesome influence over state of mind, releasing from many psychological troubles and stresses.

Hypnotic session duration

There used 3 main hypnosis stages, namely light, medium and deep

For the purpose of treatment light and medium stages are used. As for deep one, it’s used for scientific, research and creative activities. Hypnotic session lasts about 30 minutes . If hypnosis is aimed at having rest, then it may last an hour and even several hours.

In case if the active session is combined with creative mobilization, it’s essential here not to make time overdose for a patient organism to be able to recover after such a vigorous inspiration.



Contact hypnologist Razygraev:

Phone : +7 (495)792-66-19, +7 (499)317-23-63
+7 (903)505-43-76
daily 10.00 - 21.00

e-mail: gipnos@gipnos.ru


Hypnologist Razygraev Igor Ivanovich practices the successful treatment of the following diseases:

  • excess weight, adiposity (weight correction is carried out in groups and individually)
  • neuroses , enuresis , stammering ( logoneurosis)
  • depressions, phobias, stresses
  • psychosomatic diseases (stomach ulcer, bronchial asthma , essential hypertension, etc. )
  • substance abuse program (abuse of smoking, alcohol, drugs, computer or internet addiction, psychological dependability on partner, etc.).
  • allergic and skin diseases
  • rejuvenation based on hypnotic nanotechnologies

In addition, the techniques applied by Dr.Razygraev make it possible to discover personal creative abilities and carry out organism rejuvenation.

The particular aspect is treatment of sexual disorders. Hypnologist Razygraev conducts the successful treatment of a number of diseases in the sexual sphere :

  • hysteromyoma
  • menstrual cycle disorder
  • mastopathy
  • abnormal dependability on partner .

The high efficiency of Dr.Razygraev treatment is predetermined by his working on both all classical and the most advanced hypnosis techniques developed and licensed (“computer hypnosis” , “erotic hypnosis”, invented by the doctor himself).


Contact hypnologist Razygraev:

Phone : +7 (495)792-66-19, +7 (499)317-23-63
+7 (903)505-43-76
daily 10.00 - 21.00

e-mail: gipnos@gipnos.ru


Training in treatment techniques of doctor Razygraev is carried out with the due regard for individual abilities of a person wishing to master hypnosis treatment. Doctor conducts training of both professionals and all comers.

Courses for specialists (health professionals, psychologists) are structured as follows:

  • Theory of hypnosis
  • Classical hypnosis
  • Medicinal hypnosis
  • Tactile hypnosis
  • Erotic hypnosis
  • Creative hypnosis

Courses for all comers:

  • Autohypnosis as a self-realization recipe
  • Creative hypnosis
  • Tactile hypnosis
  • Hypnosis connection with clairvoyance and bioenergetics

Training is supported by practical studies and video demonstration.


Contact hypnologist Razygraev:

Phone : +7 (495)792-66-19, +7 (499)317-23-63
+7 (903)505-43-76
daily 10.00 - 21.00

e-mail: gipnos@gipnos.ru

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